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    Yeah, the places you guys put your verbs is rather non-sensical...

    BTW, I think you mean self confidence

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    Oops, thanks man! Already edited
    Nothing to be seen here. Just move along people. ;-)

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    My advice would be when you have a spare 50 bucks or so, sell the kyro II for 50 bucks and buy a Geforce 3 Ti200 (anywhere from 100-150 USD). It supports DX8 whereas the GF2 Ultra doesn't. Don't be fooled by the higher clock speeds on the GF2; consquently the GF3 is a superb overclocker. Many people have wonderful experiences with a Geforce 3 Ti200, especially a Geforce 3 Ti200 Golden Sample from Gainward. Speeds in excess of 200/500 from stock 175/400 are common. Ask anybody on the forums with one.

    But if you don't have the cash, or aren't a hardcore gamer, I guess the GF2 Ultra might serve you well. Either is better than my GF2 MX200. But don't say I didn't warn you...

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