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    I bought 1 panaflow h1a 80mm, i bought 5 vantec silent fans for my antec plus1080b case. 2 fans in the front, 2 fans on the back, 1 fan on the side, and 1 fan for the hsf.

    the 5 vantec case fans are 3 pin with 4 pin connecters, the panflow is a 4 pin connecter. My asus p4t-e has 3 headers (cpu, main, and pci).

    My psu has fan only connecters to regulate the fans.

    Which should i plug where?

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    The vantec to the powersupply, and the panaflow to a regular ide device power connector-

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    You might want to consider buying or building a FANBUS . You'll be able to power all your fans from one source.

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    if u want to run all at full speed then just get a couple of 4 pin molex to 3 pin connectors ans some 3 pin fan spliters and plug them all in to ur psu.

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