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    need help with a celery 733 please

    i was looking through my spare parts last night and i came across an old celery 733 chip and 256 mb of pc 100 ram and was thinking if i could OC it a lil ways i might put it in my soyo 7isa MB and get a new MB for my celery 1 ghz chip.... i would like to get another folding machine going hehe.
    does anyone have any experience with the celery 733 or soyo 7isa+ MB ?? if i raise the FSB above 73 it wont boot...
    i assume there is no way for me to raise the multiplier ???

    any help much apreciated

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    so you have a really hard overclockers on your hands.....
    as the CPU is almost already maxed out....
    I would say to try to bump up your Vcore a little BUT without knowing what your Temps are like, I wont say that.

    You are correct that the multiplier can not be changed, Intel FULLY locked all CPU's as of AUG '98...

    Any idea what stepping that CPU is?
    or the sspec?

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