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Wattage question (first PC)

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Wattage question (first PC)

I just finished getting all of my parts for my first custom built pc.
However, i don't know how many watts it would take

I'm getting this combo of a Mobo/ PSU

would the 600W power supply be too little with my whole setup which is...

Gfx card
Dvd drive

and if not, could you recommend me a good PSU/ Motherboard bundle on newegg that would be good for my setup?


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600w is more than enough. You could run that on a good 400w.
That PSU is a good one too, I'd say you're all set!

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you should be fine with that build and Corsair PSU's rock, If you want to do SLI then you would be pushing that PSU. But you should be fine, even if you swapped the 560ti for a 680, if your not going to SLI/Xfire then you should be fine with that PSU

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