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GPU to render 3ds Max

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GPU to render 3ds Max

probably an nvidia card for 3ds max but who knows, what would be the best bang for the buck. can be a range from sub $100 to ~$350.

once the job is finalized it will be sent out to a computer to do a complete render of the enviorment so it'll be strictly a render computer.

guy liked our idea for a render farm made from trash computer how ever when you have money for a computer and are rendering 3d as opposed to rendering videos with no budget like we are it kinda defeats the purpose and depletes our stockpiles

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It's a little over at 399, but my first recommendation is:

If you can't afford it, I recommend this one (at 300):
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I would recommend this because it has two Gpu's in one card and will destroy a gtx 580 in rendering with 672 cuda cores. It can also overclock like crazy and has great cooling.

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Most CUDA cores possible. Best option IMO would be some 480s for $200 but they're super inefficient (really hot, draws tons of power).
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might consider the new GT640, 384 cuda cores on the new kepler core. no need for a pcie connector on the power side of things and for 2gb card is $99 up to $109 depending on brand. not sure how much the ddr3 would effect performance for your needs. their is some hope that someone will have GDDR5 card out but i wouldnt hold our breath. if i recall correctly kepler will be less power full for GPGPU work vs femri.


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