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New SSD Concerns!

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Old 06-30-12, 03:47 PM Thread Starter   #1

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New SSD Concerns!

Hey Overclockers! ^.^

I have two concerns that come to mind, since now i finally have some money set aside, and prices have come down, for me to purchase an SSD.

My first issue is the issues with my Motherboard. I have Gigabyte X58a-UD3R (Rev. 2). This board has a Marvell SE9128 SATA 3 Controller, and from what I hear, there are quite a few issues with controllers such as as these. When purchasing my SSD, should I, 1). purchase a SATA 3 PCIE Card for my computer (they run as low as 15 bucks on amazon), should I just use Sata 2 port, or will I most likely be fine as is, or will it just be flat-out not compatible. If anyone that has a similar build as mine, and use an SSD, or if you just know about this situation, any light shed on this concern would be much appreciated!

My second issue, is that I cant decide which SSD to choose!
Right now i'm stuck between a Corsair GT (120GB) and an Intel 330 (120GB), the intel is 10 bucks more, and apparently is slower on the read write times, while on the other hand, people notice more real-world performance on them over the corsair model. Or will these SSDs conflict considering my problem stated above? Opinions, (or entirely different SSDs) are welcome, and any advise, is again, very appreciated!
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Can't get a better deal than the Agility 3 right now.
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Any SATA3 controller you can pickup will likely exhibit the same issues as the onboard or worse, the Intel onboard SATA2 port will be your best bet. SSD's shine because of their extremely low access time compared with an HDD, not so much because of their speed.

As for the SSD to choice I would go Intel all the way, their reliability is second to none.

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Old 06-30-12, 08:32 PM   #4

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The Crucial M4 uses a Marvel controller so there should be no conflict. I've owned a Corsairs Force 3 120 GB, Crucial M4 and just picked up a Vertex 3 120 GB for $89. No comment on the Vertex 3. The Corsairs gave me nothing but trouble until I moved it to a SATA II only system. The Crucial have been great from day one.

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There won't be a compatibility issue, you just have to note that the Marvell sata3 controllers do not give as high of speeds as the integrated Intel ones.
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Old 07-01-12, 10:03 AM Thread Starter   #6

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I'm looking into a bunch of these hard drives everyone has suggested, and considering my situation, would it be best to get a Marvell-based SSD if I intend to use the sata 3 port on my motherboard? Will it cause conflicts of I don't, or are these original Marvell sata3 ports really that bad that sata 2 will be better?
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A quick search says that the latest Marvell SATA 3 driver is much better with SSD's than previously, once you receive your SSD it wouldn't be hard to plug it in to both ports (Marvell and Intel) and test using your old install before installing the OS to the SSD. A Marvell based SSD won't perform better or worse than another SSD using it, it never was really a conflict so much as poor performance from the Marvell SATA 3 ports from what I've read.

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Mushkin and they have SandForce controllers.

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If you can afford them, go Intel always.

And the SATA3 PCIe card and the Marvell SATA-600 controller, IMHO, is six and half a dozen.

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