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overclocking PCI video cards

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Post overclocking PCI video cards

OK.....quick question...i know PCI can only go soo fast and crappy compared to AGP, but CAN you overclock PCI grahpics cards?? I have a GF2 mx200 PCI version. I am on a amd k6-2 501mhz and about to over clock that also...i currently have my case open and hosue fans coolnig it to around 95 degrees farhenight.

anywho is it safe to overclock my video card,i f at all possible.And any programs to use to over clock it good.......

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it all depends on the card. the PCI runs at 33mhz so how ever much your card can take. when you raise your fsb you raise the 33 mhz too, so however much the card will take will decide how well it can oc

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I have a Hercules GF2 MX PCI on an older system and overclocking it requires additional cooling [ most PCI gf2mx comes with heatsink on gpu and no ramsinks ]. I suggest get a slot cooler for around 15$ and then overclock. Adding ramsinks will also yeild better results since ram is the target of your overclock.

Dont bother overclocking the core, just go for the ram. GF2mx GPUs benefit more from ram overclocks. Overclocking the gpu from 160mhz to 200mhz only results in about a +0.5 fps difference. All the extra heat on the GPU is not worth it.

EDIT: As far for the best program too overclock with, use the hercules 3d tweaker [ im not sure if it works for other gf2 cards made by other companies, it should work tho ] You can get it here:

Note: you need 21.81 detonator XP or higher drivers for this prog to work
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I have a Visiontek GF2 MX200 PCI and it doesn't have any type of cooling on it at all. And yes, you can overclock it. It's very stable though. I can go to at least 232/222, even though artifcats aoppear after a while in Serious Sam 2.

Look for Powerstrip or RivaTuner. I personally use Powerstrip, but I have both installed on my computer.


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slot coolers

where a good site to get slot coolers..been checking some websites with no avail...only finid HDD coolers and GPU coolers but not the slot coolers..i need it for my GF2mx200 and future Graphic cards.....anyone have good link to site with them...
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