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GTA overclocking, lol! Read...

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Old 07-18-01, 05:58 PM Thread Starter   #1

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GTA overclocking, lol! Read...

As you all should know, the Geforce2 PRO's settings are 250 for engine clock and 400 for memory clock (250/400). Wierdly enough, my Geforce2 GTS (default of 200/333) can be overclocked to those SAME EXACT settings. Right now my Asus V7700 Geforce2GTS 32mb is clocked at 240/400 !!!!!! Has anyone else got this happening? I have experienced no problems and am getting a score of 8100 in 3dmark2k (haven't checked with 3dmark2k1):

amd t-bird 1ghz @ 1.405 ghz (9.5x148 )
geforce2gts 32mb @ 240/400 default HSF
sb Live! Value
20gb 7200 ultra ata-100 Maxtor HD
12x Sony DVD-Rom
A7V133 mobo (1.05 rev.)
GlobalWin FOP-38

Has anyone else got into this predicament?
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Just thought I would correct something here and that is the asus gf2 pro 64meg is clocked at 200/400 but good point anyway.Just goes to show you that all is not as it seems.
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Old 07-22-01, 07:29 PM   #4

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Don't forget the Pro can probably be overclocked too!
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