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What temp's do video card's normally reach

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What temp's do video card's normally reach

I have a Radeon 8500DV and one of Enermax's temp drive racks...The card seems to run at about 40C all the time...After hours of SOF II or UT2002 it only gets up to about 42-43C...If I overclock the card it will get up to about 48C...I am really wondering what the danger point is. I am about to unlock the processor and make my first attempt at really overclocking my system...CPU temps I have read here at overclockers should not exceed 50C, but have been unable to find out about video card temps any guidlines or general rule of thumb is what I am looking for so I can try to aviod frying something up ...

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Most sensors placed on the back side of the PCB where the gpu would be typically get as hot as 50C when overclocked, which means the actually gpu is running at least 60C (probably more).

50C is fine, older GF2 cards ran that hot at default speeds
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