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Whats thehighest FSB on KT7A and how?

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Whats thehighest FSB on KT7A and how?

Whats the highest FSB reached on a KT7A and how was it done....
Type of memory
I have a 1 gig tbird 266 AXIA on a KT7A (board is getting RMAed) and I could reach 149 FSB with PC100 memory 3x64=192.
After I get a new video card (whenever that is) I will buy a stick of PC150 memory and overclock it. I am lucky to get 149 with pc100. So im hopeing I will get lucky with PC150 and take it past 150. I would rather overclock FSB more than the Multi. But thats just me.
Also since im useing an old slot A athlon 550 and a SY-K7VIA board while I wait for the RMA form for my KT7a, I was wondering How do you change the L2 cache on the slot a athlons? I dont have a GFD, and I need a progy for temps...the one for the KT7A doesnt seem to work as it always stays the same.


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Well you got me beat...I only did 140 and stopped there...but it ran really stable. After I get done modding out my case, I'm gonna slap it all back together and pump it up.
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i can get 146 stable....i thought 147 was stable, but it crashed TODAY of all days...after 2 days of running, i started getting my errors today, after running SETI for 36 hours......

well that was my two cents

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Mine will run 150 Mhz til the cows come home. I have two sticks of Tonicom PC150 CAS2 4-Way interleaved, a cardex GF2MX-32, cheapo PCI NIC card, an AWE64 ISA, CD-RW, 2 WD UDMA66 HDDs. Nothing fancy about the system.


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Mine runs perfect at 143Mhz. 320MB of Micron PC133 Cas 3 memory at 3.4 I/O. I had it at 146Mhz but when transferring large files between hard drives I had problems. Looks like my WD 7200 RPM ATA 66 is holding me back.

Guess I need to change my username?
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what BIOS settings are you guys using?

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