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Look what you are missing on IRC

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Old 04-03-03, 02:52 PM Thread Starter   #1

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Location: Seattle, WA

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Look what you are missing on IRC

I just had to post this to show you what you are missing if you don't hand out on #ocfoldingteam on zirc.

Of couse this is a real log from irc. (note: we do not actuley do this stuff)

[[3:09pm] <03%Gnerma> gaw I'm looking for a changelog for the unreal 2 patch but can't find it
[3:09pm] <03%Gnerma> I suck at the internet
[3:09pm] NASsoccer2 «» has Quit iRC (Connection reset by peer11)
[3:09pm] <10+RyanRichard> put FOLD and a hyperlink to F@H in it
[3:09pm] <10+DarkSavior> lol
[3:10pm] <12+CJ145> g type ctrl F
[3:11pm] <10+RyanRichard> then alt+ F4
[3:11pm] <10+RyanRichard> the ctrl+alt+del twice in rapid sucsession
[3:11pm] <03%Gnerma> or not
[3:11pm] <12+CJ145> lol
[3:11pm] <10+RyanRichard> it was funny back when when people didnt know what that did
Downloading User Data...
Downloading Team Data...
Downloading Team Two Data...
Finished Downloading User Data.
[3:12pm] <10+RyanRichard> do it in aol chat rooms and youd see loads of people sign off
[3:12pm] <12+CJ145> [F@H Stats] - [CPU's: 6 WU's: 1173 Score: 8327.14] and i am in 938 worldwide :
Finished Downloading Team Data.
Finished Downloading Team Two Data.
[3:12pm] <03%Gnerma> yeah, you'd post it and 4 people would dissappear
[3:12pm] NASsoccer «» has Quit iRC (Ping timeout11)
[3:12pm] <03%Gnerma>
[3:12pm] <10+RyanRichard> looks like NAS did it :P
[3:13pm] <12+CJ145> nmo
[3:13pm] <12+CJ145> no it was a ping timeout
[3:13pm] <10+RyanRichard> :P
[3:13pm] <10+RyanRichard> a man can have hopes
[3:13pm] <10+RyanRichard> and CJ goes and ruins them
[3:14pm] <03%DarkArctic> what a jerkface
[3:14pm] <03%DarkArctic> no consideration for other people
[3:14pm] <10+RyanRichard> ban him!
[3:14pm] DarkArctic sets mode: +b *!*
[3:14pm] <03%DarkArctic> ;D
[3:14pm] DarkArctic sets mode: -b *!*
[3:15pm] <10+RyanRichard> i was going to say, thats for more than one person
[3:15pm] <10+DarkSavior>
[3:15pm] <10+DarkSavior>
[3:15pm] <03%DarkArctic> i wonder how far CJ would sink into insanity if he was banned for 3 days
[3:15pm] <03%DarkArctic> i bet a put him into shock when i put the +b on him
[3:16pm] <10+RyanRichard> wtf
[3:16pm] <10+RyanRichard> that isnt disco
[3:16pm] <10+RyanRichard> should be techno squirells
[3:16pm] <10+DarkSavior> hehe
[3:16pm] * %Gnerma 14is absorbing the delictable musical stylings of: 04(12Lifehouse - Wash04) 15¤ 14Length: 04(124:4804) 15¤ 14BitRate: 04(12320Kbps04)
[3:16pm] <10+RyanRichard> either way flounder got owned
[3:16pm] * +Filip is back
[3:16pm] <03%Gnerma> got my money?
[3:17pm] <10+Filip> DarkArctic who is
[3:17pm] <03%DarkArctic> CJ
[3:17pm] <10+Filip> why would cj be banned?
[3:17pm] <10+RyanRichard> that dream squahing hope killing p00n!
[3:17pm] <03%DarkArctic> w00r! i found some long lost socks!
[3:17pm] <10+RyanRichard> :P
[3:17pm] <03%DarkArctic> he hurt RR's feelings
[3:17pm] <10+RyanRichard> he made me cry
[3:18pm] <10+Filip> and yah, i got MY money
[3:18pm] <10+RyanRichard> hey dirty, maybe i got yo money...
[3:18pm] <03%DarkArctic> where's our money? you know it costs a fee to remain unbanned right?
[3:18pm] <10+Filip> 4Username:9 Filip044 CPU's:9 54 Score:9 5420.15
[3:18pm] <10+Midnight_Cowboy> [F@H Stats] - [Username: nightowl, Team:, CPU's: 2, WU's: 476, Score: 4309.62]
[3:19pm] <12+CJ145> eh?
[3:19pm] <10+RyanRichard> payup biznitch
[3:19pm] <03%DarkArctic> oh, CJ is our of shock
[3:19pm] <03%DarkArctic> out*
[3:19pm] <12+CJ145> eh?
[3:20pm] <03%DarkArctic> amnesia too it seems like
[3:20pm] <10+RyanRichard> hmm indeed
[3:20pm] <12+CJ145> wtf is up?
[3:20pm] <03%DarkArctic> i shouldn't be so hard on him next time
[3:20pm] <12+CJ145> i was on the forums
[3:20pm] <10+RyanRichard> see he was ignoring you DA
[3:20pm] <03%DarkArctic> think he went schizoid?
[3:21pm] <12+CJ145> WTF IS GOIN ON!
[3:21pm] <03%DarkArctic> calm down CJ
[3:21pm] <03%DarkArctic> go see a doctor
[3:21pm] <10+RyanRichard> no need to get angry
[3:21pm] *ChanServ(#Zirc)* OP command used for chris by chris
[3:21pm] <12+CJ145> WTDLFJKDSFJDFKJ#($*#@($*
[3:21pm] * +RyanRichard pulls out tazer
[3:21pm] <10+RyanRichard> ill ask you one more tine to calm down
[3:22pm] <03%DarkArctic> he's got a fun! get him RR!
[3:22pm] <03%DarkArctic> gun*
[3:22pm] <10+RyanRichard> *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt*
[3:22pm] <10+RyanRichard> put the FUN down!
[3:22pm] <10+RyanRichard> no fun in this room!
[3:22pm] <03%DarkArctic> no fun is allowed in here!
[3:23pm] * %DarkArctic clubs CJ like a baby seal
[3:23pm] <10+RyanRichard> if you go off the subject one more time ill have you k lined
[3:23pm] * +CJ145 grabs ak-47 while twching and opens fire at RR and DA
[3:23pm] * %DarkArctic dives for cover
[3:23pm] * +RyanRichard raises up an AT field
[3:23pm] * %DarkArctic fires a few DE rounds in CJ leg
[3:23pm] * +CJ145 fires gernade launcher at DD and RR
[3:23pm] <12+CJ145> DA*
[3:24pm] <03%DarkArctic> he spelt my name wrong! i evaded death!
[3:24pm] * %Gnerma drinks his coffee sitting on a set of aluminum bleachers and watches
[3:24pm] <12+CJ145> bah
[3:24pm] CJ145 ( is now known as BAH
[3:24pm] <10+RyanRichard> coventional wepaons donot work against an AT feild buddy :P
[3:24pm] * %DarkArctic throws a frag grenade toward CJ
[3:25pm] <03%Gnerma> YAY I finally found the change log!!!
[3:25pm] * +BAH takes out ion cannon aims at RR and sees a nice bright light come down on RR
[3:25pm] <03%Gnerma>
[3:25pm] <03%Gnerma> I DON'T suck at the internet
[3:25pm] <03%DarkArctic> that's my io cannon!
[3:25pm] <03%DarkArctic> ion*
[3:25pm] <03%DarkArctic> good work Gnerma
[3:25pm] * +RyanRichard shouts hooorah for G! and resumes to shreding up CJ with a progressive knife
[3:26pm] <12+BAH> i'm posting this log
[3:26pm] <12+BAH> lol

Sorry for all the crap in the log invision seems to mess up the logs.

Main Comp (Win 7): ASUS R4E; i7-3930k @ 4.9GHz; G.Skill Ripjaw Z 4x4GB @ 2133MHz; Nvidia GTX780; Custom Watercooling
3x Asus VW246H eyefinity; Polk Audio Monitor 40's (L,R), CS10 (C), Klipsch KG^4 (S), Sony STR-DA1000ES; all in a custom built desk

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That is just the tip of th eiceberg to the usual antics, we occasionally talk about folding too . So come on out and join the antics.

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Old 04-03-03, 03:08 PM   #3

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It's true, folding somatimes pops into the conversation. Don't forget the trout though.....


/join #ocfoldingteam

Have fun.

-= Maths Ninja =-

Official Modding Xaser III thread resurrecter.

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Old 04-03-03, 03:10 PM   #4
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I think I may just stop by.


My Heatware
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Old 04-03-03, 05:53 PM   #5

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Location: Tampere, Finland

Join in... If for nothing else, do it for the squirrels.

E6320, Asus P5B, 4 GB KHX, XFX 8800GTS 320M, HD501LJ+ST3320620AS+6L250S0+HD501LJ, Audigy 2 ZS, winXP pro w/ SP2
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Old 04-03-03, 06:38 PM   #6

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/me misses #ocfoldingteam
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That channel is the best
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