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Which fan for my CHIP?

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Which fan for my CHIP?

I'm checking out the Thermaltake Fans, and I'm trying to decide which one is better. I"ve been looking at both the Volcano II, and the Super Orb (the one w/the two fans on it). A couple of things I've been seeing are how much air it moves, and noise of the fan. It appears that the Volcano is better (quiter and moves more air), but doesn en1 know if one is better then the other? I'm looking for some "real" advice!! Thx!

I'm a first timer here, so sorry if this has been beaten into the ground. Please re-post or feel free to e-mail me with any info... I really appreciate it.

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Hobojester, Try checking out the reviews at the following sites;
There are many good sites to find info on the cool links page.
Read up and see which one is best suited for your CPU and needs.

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check the home page article about the copper heatsink fan,if it does as well as stated(and since its here i am sure it does) i think i will wait for it to become available.
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I think u should stay away from the super orb, cuz one of my friends has just got it, and he is already having troubles with it. When he got it on, he realized that he had forgotten to apply the thermal compound, so he tried to get it off again, but he can't. He's afraid he's gonna crack the core, if takes it off. So my advise is to stay away from the orb.

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oc jason
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go to they have some great fans( t-rex3) check them out the have a fan that moves wicked ariflo140+cfm.. hope this helps

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THE BEST air cooling out right now is the thermoengine sold at

Hardocp is even endorsing it. I have a buddy with one with the optional delta black label fan and it rocks! Only problem is they are out of stock. I was gonna order one. LOL
Steer clear of the orbs, or at least be careful you are getting whatyou order. I have an origonal golden orb from back when the socket A was pretty new. A lot of resellers were not realizing that the one for the celeron with the twist on action were KILLING AMD chips. I discovered this and found a site selling (AMD) golden orbs. well it turns out that I still got a celeron orb because most resellers don't know the difference. It's working OK but I am scared to take it off for fear of killing my core.
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