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Onboard ILSR SATA or PCI card?

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Onboard ILSR SATA or PCI card?

I'm looking at getting two raptors for a raid 0 setup and a new mobo for a 3200+. I really like the K7N2 ILSR but I was curious if the onboard serial raid controller is any better or worse than say the controller card that comes with the raptor drive? I'm trying to ballance the cost of either OEM raptors without controller and a more expensive mobo or retail package raptors with controllers and just get the non serial raid K7N2 and save some money on the mobo thanks.

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The advantage of an offboard RAID controller is that you can bung the drives and controller into another machine and still access the data.

The advantage of an onboard RAID controller is, um, a free slot!

(I'm happy with the onboard RAID on my ILSR but when my board "died", I felt really uncomfortable about not being able to get at the data. I think I'd probably go for a separate RAID controller next time.)
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