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I am looking for a good GFD for my Slot A T-Bird system. What is the best? Any opinions before I take the risk of cracking the case open on my T-Bird?

Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.7, 4gb OCZ ddr3 1333 @ 1800, Asus m4a785td-v evo, Geforce GTS 250, Intel 40G SSD, RaptorX 150gb 10k rpm, Custom test bench case, Sony DVD-R, Corsair 750W
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Hey i just ordered one off of ebay for 23 bucks + shipping. The people who made them run some overclockers store and actually make them and they work perfectly up to 1050mhz. I got my tbird 900 to a 1000mhz now. Make sure you study on how to open the case perfectly before attempting anything. I found on that they had a good review on how to crack the case. I opened my k7600 classic first and then did it to my 900tbird flawlessly. Make sure you use a good flat head screw driver and dont go crazy ok, just take your time. I stuck the heat sink and fan back on and the cpu is about 3 degrees C cooler.
Let me know what happens
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IMHO it doesn't really matter which GFD you have, though you have to see wether it's userfriendly or not. GFD's without the need of external voltage are easyer to use. Small ones are better then big ones, which obstruct airflow in your case.
(some info on a card, also good case cracking links on the first page)
(GFD roundup, what you've been looking for)

Some of these links may not show the most up to date versions of GFD's, but you'll get the idea.


Rob Edam

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on asus a7v-266e RAID with 512mb cas2 DDR
fsb max. = 150MHz aircooled
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Doctor Feelgood

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This link is to a cheap and popular GFD that I've been using for a while... Alot of people seem to use and like these...

Click Here
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I've used the Northwind Rev 2.0 on both my 600MHz Classic & 700MHz T-Bird... No dramas here...
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