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AXIA, AVIA or what??? pls help out!!!

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Old 07-06-01, 10:37 PM Thread Starter   #1

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AXIA, AVIA or what??? pls help out!!!

Hey every1
just wanna ask all Tbird 1.2Ghz (200fsb) users a few qs!!
1, what code (as in AXIA, AVIA) is good for o/cING?? otha than AXIA well i'm looking for one that can make it to 1.4Ghz
2, do u think i should a Tbird 1.2Ghz (200fsb) on an Asus A7V133 or what could be beta as in more stable and can o/c more?
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Old 07-06-01, 10:52 PM   #2

an AXIA or AVIA Tbird should get you that high. It looks like a great setup to me. You can check out the cpu database on the front page to see what results people are getting on their Tbirds.
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Old 07-07-01, 03:56 AM   #3

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Try to find an AXIA "Y", I have heard they are really good for OCing and Iam trying to getmy hands on one for myself

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Old 07-07-01, 05:31 AM   #4
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see sig, my little AVIA-y is performing awesome with little mods. You can get more at: they had some as of yesterday.
Good luck!!

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get the axia or avia -y my avia-9 doesn't want to go over 1333 maybe it is my cheap ram,but most testing I see agrees with this hope this helps
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My new chip just came. It's a AXIA with a Y at the begginning of the rest of the code. Is that what You guys mean by the AXIA "Y"? If so It looks like I got a good chip. Plus all the L1 bridges seemed to be closed so that's good to. I think. This is still all pretty new to me yet. My first AMD rig ever! I havent got it setup yet. It's still sitting in the box. I'm hoping tonight I'll get time to get it all setup.
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