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Annoying Problem with PSU

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Old 11-03-03, 10:23 AM Thread Starter   #1

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Annoying Problem with PSU

I have a 3 mth old Antec 550W TP which whenever I switch it off at the back switch and switch it on again it sends a spike or "whatever" to the fans and the EPOX code display panel. All the fans will spin for a sec and go off, and the display will light up for a millisecond and go off too. Now this is what I have done so far. I have removed all connections (Power on, Reset switch etc), fans , VC, memory, everything and took the MB from case and laid it on a plastic lid. Then connected the PSU, and it still spikes. The MB is brand new. If I replace the PSU with an Iwin 300W PSU, no spinning of fans and spikes, works fine. The TP works alright, just that annoying problem and I am wondering if this will lead to problems later. Weird!!!!!!!!!,
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You may have some kind of defect in the PSU. However, you normally don't turn the computer on and off with the PSU switch, do you? Have you tried booting up with this PSU using minimum configuration (cpu, ram, video)? Does it work? Are there any spikes using software on/off? If yes, RMA the PSU, if no, you can choose to use it or not.

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Old 11-03-03, 11:22 AM Thread Starter   #3

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may be I was not clear. There is no spikes during reboots or normal windows shutdown and reboot, no matter how long. I notice this only when I want to reset cmos or work inside the computer where I temporarily need no live power through the mobo. I switch the PSU switch off. Thus, when I switch that black switch at the back to ON, before I hit the main power switch thats when it spikes. I DO NOT USE THIS SWITCH TO TURN THE COMPUTER ON AND OFF
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Old 11-04-03, 03:00 AM   #4

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I have a 300W Antec SmartPower that does the same thing. I was told that it may be related to the "kick start" circuit that helps the high voltage side start up and feed power to the low voltage side before the low voltage side can send it feedback. On my Antec the controller chip is on the low voltage side.
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Check the "state after power failure" setting in BIOS - if I leave mine set to auto rather than off it does the same thing. I've noticed that behavior in other boards as well.

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My soon to be replaced dell does the same thing after I unplug it. I've always assumed it was just the mobo dipping into the PS a little to handle WOL and all the stuff like that. I've had this computer for 5+ years and unplugged it over a hundred times with no ill effects.
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Old 11-06-03, 04:16 AM   #7

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Mine is different story....... after I turn off the computer from window's shutdown or press turn off button on the casing..... the computer will shutdown BUT with problems: the HDD LED, LAN LED, Power On LED and fans are ON and OFF repeteadly all night long It seems the standby voltage is interupted.

Please help me.... its HEC 475 power supply true power. Just two weeks old.
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