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Looking for a (free) Fortran 90/95 Compiler for win32

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Looking for a (free) Fortran 90/95 Compiler for win32


I'm looking for a good command-line Fortran 90/95 compiler for win32. (Not just Fortran 77.)

What I'm looking to be able to do is write mathematical operations in Fortran and link the compiled language into C++ programs in both win32 and linux.

+Faster transformations, etc. in OpenGL programs
+Faster math for my research.

Any ideas on a good compiler for this, as well as procedure to link pre-compiled fortran code into a C++ program? (Without calling executables externally.)

Thanks! -- Paul

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I don't know much about Fortran, but I found GNU Fortran 95. I'm not sure how feature complete it is, nor how to link c++ code with Fortran, but I thought I'd throw that out.

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