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barton 2500 temp question

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barton 2500 temp question

what would you concider to be the upper limit as far as temp goes

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50C Max
55C Ultimate Max

IMO I wouldn't go over 50C my Barton usually idles at around 34C and its load is around 40C.
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Depends on cooler...but upper limit for me would be 50c
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The processors, depending on their stepping are rated to be able to handle up between 85*C and 95*C. Any higher than this and youll be looking at damage to the processor. Ideally, you want to keep it below 50*C on air cooling and 40*C on water cooling. Good airflow is important, ideally you want the sme amount of air in and out. Cool air should neter the case form the bottom front of the case and hot air be exhausted from the top back of the case. If you only have space for one case fan you should make sure that it is taking air out of the case as this will create negative pressure inisde the case and due to this air will always come in through gaps to fill up this negative pressure so you will always have cool air coming back into the case. If you only had one fan pulling air in, the ambient case temperatures to rise as there is no pressure to pull the air out of the case. Also. there are many qualities of thermal paste. Arctic Silver 5 is a good thermal Interface Material (TIM) and will lower temperatures by 4-5*C over Arctic Silver 3. the more you use the system and the more ubrn-in AS5 recieves, the lower your temps will be. You can read my review of Arctic Silver 5 here.

Hope this helps,
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Awesome review of AS5. I am currently using AS3 in my new AMD dually and I am now dying to try the AS5 on it.

You said to use the "right" amount of AS5 - any photos of what the right amount looks like on top of the Athlong die prior to "pressing" the heat sink on?

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wquiles, thank you for the praise. It was my first review and I learnt a lot from it. The right amount is a small blob, I have no photos at all on this computer but if you send me a PM to remind me, within a couple of days I will make sure i get a photo taken of the blob and how it spreads due to the pressure of the heatsink. Ive ordered a new motherboard so Ive got to take it apart anyway (and loose that precious burn-in time the paste has had) so I will make sure I get some pictures then.

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