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3.3V+5V total W or 12V Amps?

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3.3V+5V total W or 12V Amps?

I'm trying to decide between 2 PSUs for my new build, 2.4C, overclocked high hopefully, AI7, Mushys Black Level 2 1gig, 3 total fans, 9800np with necessary power connection, 1-2HDD, 1-2 Optical drives, audio card, onboard Lan. Which one would be more important, 3.3V+5V total wattage or 12V amps?

Choice A - Forton 530 3.3+5V total wattage at least 220, 12V 18 amps.

Choice B - Seasonic Super 400 3.3V+5V total wattage 200, 12V 22 amps.

Which would be more stable in my OCing and quietness is important to me as well. What if I only had 1 optical and 1 HDD, would that make a difference? Thanks!
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Look at my sig. I was running a 350W Fortron but ran into instability after adding the Radeon 9800. I had to back down the OC of either the CPU or the Radeon. The Fortron's 16A +12V rail wasn't enough anymore. I got a 460W Enermax that has 33A on the 12V rail and it solved my probs. If you're going to push a P4-C system these days with a high-end videocard and a lot of RAM you'll need a powerfull +12V rail...

-edit- other powered items in my rig are 1x120mm and 3x80mm 7V fans, 60mm fan on a cut-down Alpha PEP66 (on my Radeon) that's powered by a mobo header, two optical drives and a floppy :-P

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