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250 Fsb

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250 Fsb

I tried going to 250 fsb but i had to up the vcore to 1.6 to post and i do this and it freezes on windows boot logo thing, then i upped it to 1.625 and same thing, i get it at 1.65 and it starts but then it says windows cannot boot because c:\windows\system32\config cannot be found or some random error, i back down to 225/230 and its all good, so am i pretty much set and cant go to 250? or is there some other thing i have to do?

Pentium 4 3.2E (SL7PN E0) @ 4246.46 MHz (265.4 * 16) 1.48cvore
Intel Core2Duo e6600 @ 3.83ghz (9 * 425) - Abit IP35-Pro - 4GB (4 x 1gb) GSkill 8000HZ - His 2900XT @ 858/898 - Creative X-Fi Elite - 4 x 74GB Raptors (RAID0) - 2 x 400GB WD - Zippy 700W
H2O Loop - MCRes>AQ50Z>PA 160.1>AQ50Z>PA 120.3>FuZion
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Yep, sounds like 250 FSB is a no go. You might try 243 FSB, that would give you 3.4 gig.

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watercooled: Eheim 1048 pump, Swiftech Apogee GTX and 2X120mm rad
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try disabling HT. you might go a little further.
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