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Need a DDR board

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Exclamation Need a DDR board

I am thinking of putting together a new board. What is a good board for a 1 ghz T-Bird? Thanks in advance

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Moved to AMD Motherboards


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Bobby Manus

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Take a look at this review of the 8kha... I am picking one of these early tomarow moarning along with a 1.4ghz athlon. Here is the link its good reading... Linkage Also if you need raid, the epox 8k7a+ is a good option. Most stores are restocking them tomarow, and there is a good chance they will be a new revision, probably 1.2, and it might fix the 5v issue that can sometimes occur with power suplies without enough juice. And if you can wait a bit, the asus a7v266 was already released in japan and should be in the states pretty soon. Also the shuttle AK31 is a great performer.. Heres some more linkage. Hope this gives you an idea what to look for.
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I have an epox and I like it... I have the raid version of the 8K7A but if you don't want or need raid then the 8kha looks like a winner it has an extra memory slot which if I had a complaint about my 8K7A+ it would be that it just has two and only supports 1GB max but I don't forsee myself going higher than 512mb any time soon...

My old socket 7 board was an epox and I always had good luck with it.. I was considering an MSI board in the beginning, And from what I've read their boards are pretty nice to, depending on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. I got the epox because I had a history with them and I actually picked it up just before the craze started so it was readily available at the time.
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take a look in and check out the nine board comparison of AMD761chipset DDR memory motherboards...The ABIT KG7 won in the shoot out but alot of good information is in this article...good luck !!!

If you build it...They will come...and I will crash it!!!

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In progress build.
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