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I think its dead.. any suggestions?

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I think its dead.. any suggestions?

Hey guys, Ive been having a lot of problems setting up my new WC system, so Ive been out of action for quite some time anyways, my problem now is that I think I smoked my mobo. I literally saw smoke coming out of one of the vdimm sockets so I thought I killed my RAM but both sticks worked fine in my other comp (at least the BIOS read them) now Im pretty sure that the mobo is dead, but I did get it to fire on one time but now it wont anymore. Is there another way to get it to power on other than the cases power switch? because the green light on the mobo comes on but I think she's dead BTW the mobo is a p4c800 deluxe Ive had for nearly a year. If this is the case, I may just go any buy an IC7 because its only 109 at newegg.
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If you seen smoke coming from it chances are it's fried. That happened to me with an intel board. Seen the spark and smelt the smoke. As soon as i got a new board everything worked fine.
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eww man, what were you doing at the time? spraying it with water from your WC sys? Yikes I hope that I never have to deal with that kinda stuff.

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