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How safe is it to bump up the FSB?

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Old 06-30-04, 01:41 AM Thread Starter   #1

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Question How safe is it to bump up the FSB?

I just got the Corsair XMS 3200 Low Latency XL at 2-2-2 5. The Corsair website said the pair would be stable at 500Mhz... My question is if I set my FSB to 250, would it be safe for my ram and my CPU (don't know if FSB affects CPU temp), or would they over-heat? I'm using Thermaltake POLO 735 Extreme 3 in 1 CPU Cooler for my CPU, and the rest of my system is listed below...

Intel 3770K @4500
Asus Sabertooth z77
Corsair Plat 860i
32 Gig Mushkin 1866 9-9-9
2xAsus GTX680 4gb
Asus Zonar Essence STX
XPSC RX360 Custom watercooling loop
Corsair 900D
Boot: OCZ Agility 4 512gb
Storage: 3x2tb WD Black in RAID 5
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Old 06-30-04, 05:14 AM   #2

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if you monitor your temps you shouldent have a problem with that RAM it says 250MHz but chances are it can go a good deal higher then that. ive had my 200mhz PC3200 running at 240FSB @ 2.9vdimm just fine still 1:1...and upping your FSB wont affect your temps but ull need to up ur Vcore which will.
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Old 06-30-04, 05:29 AM   #3

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Theres almost *no* chance in you damaging the RAM by upping the FSB only. The worst thing to happen is a BSOD, or your PC not booting. Just get out the BIOS battery then and retry.

More voltage will be needed for a higher overclock, but untill 3.2vdimm i would call safe.

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