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Antivirus of Choice?

View Poll Results: Which antivirus do you use?......and why.
McAfee 45 5.56%
Norton 181 22.37%
Other 583 72.06%
Voters: 809. You may not vote on this poll

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Antivirus of Choice?

NOTICE: This poll and thread is outdated. It is not advisable to use this as a current reference.

The 2 big hitters would be Norton and McAfee....who do you use....and why?

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Yay my vote is the first one.
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Location: Irvine, CA

I use AVG the free version, had mcafee, i thought it sucked so I switched.

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nut581's Avatar 

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Location: Columbus, OH

Avast Free Home Edition all the way ..
tried norton, it worked for a while, but then the included spam filter made outlook express error on open .. everytime, all the time...once norton's uninstalled, everything was back to normal.

mcafee ... heard many horror stories about them ..
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Voted other. I use AVG. Haven't let me down yet.
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AVG usually, but I'm currently running a trial of eTrust from CA.

Why? Because I'm too cheap to buy software when great freeware exists!

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Norton here. Came with my laptop and I have a copy for the dually as well.

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Location: new jersey

just 'cause I'm out of the clue, whats AVG?(norton user here)

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i use NAV Corp 9, my friend at work let me on his license, its soooo much better than nav professional or the home garbage

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I use avast home edition, mainly cause its free. Seems to work pretty well for me
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I voted for Norton, cause that's what I buy/use on my rig. On other rigs for my mom and sister I use Avast! Antivirus. I tried AVG, but it had a weird problem were it would detect a virus, but not delete/remove it. It also didn't seem to do a very good job doing a complete drive scan.

On another note I usually set norton or etc to automatically gets updates for itself, and I have it set to do a full scan every monday morning at 3am. How does everyone else have there antivirus set up?

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Originally Posted by MLMIB
just 'cause I'm out of the clue, whats AVG?(norton user here)
AFAIK AVG=Anti Virus Guard. It's a free antivirus software available from
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I use AVG primarily; I have AVAST on two PCs though and I like it too. Both free.

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AVG. It pulled 30 odd virii off a system that was running Norton.

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AVG simple and very effective. Found and removed virus that norton missed.

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Norton hasn't failed me yet.
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Cowboy X

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I use Norton and have had no real virus problems . I've however heard of or have seen too many cases where McAfee or sites using it got caught out by viruses . I also have just installed PC-cillin 2002 on my other computer which came free with my A7N8X and I saw that it was tested and is actually a better antivirus than Norton 2004 in fact it won the review beating all others pretty easily . So I was most annoyed that I had ignored it all of this time .

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fUzZ bUnNy

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Norton CE here, I got it free from school and it hasn't failed me yet. (knocking on wood)

I rule!
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AVG.. because I used to have the other 2 and they missed things AVG found.

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