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html help needed, i'm stuck

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html help needed, i'm stuck

so i have all this

<title>Welcome to my website</title>
<body bgcolor="#808080">
<center>Hello, this is the best website in the world</center>
<p>This my website with all kinds of <i>boring and random</i> <i><b>stuff</b></i>,<br>
I don't think you find a more even random site then this!</p>
<p>Funky picture eh? <br>
Keep on <b>moving</b> your eyes!</p>
<p> Now, Don't be scared, click the <i> funky </i> picture <br>
It will take you to my crappy subsection <img
alt="Image Hosted by" height="19" width="19"></p>
<a href="addonsubsection.html"><img
alt="Image Hosted by" height="596" width="809"></a>
<a href="Random.html">Here's my random page...</a>

and i have this sidebar

the 3 things are hyperlinked and should redirect to another page, now i am trying to put the sidebar on the left hand side next to all the text but how do i go on about doing this?
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I'm a total html failure, but i can give a few tips (I hope). You have at least two choices:

Frames: Essentially the menu bar is a seperate page from the main page but is displayed to the left of the main page.

Tables: The menubar is still part of the main page, but displayed to the left.

Googling for HTML sites may help, with these options in mind.

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I cannot stress enough that you should learn XHTML. IF you know HTML it's not that different and if you are just learning, it's better to learn the best way instead of having to relearn stuff later. What XHTML will do is make your web pages look like they're supposed to on all browers and even on non-pc stuff like PDAs, game machines, cell phones etc....

Here is a link to a free tutorial, it'll teach you XHTML and how to adjust your frames to fix your problem.

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