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How to clone HDD without a floppy drive?

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How to clone HDD without a floppy drive?

I have a 10GB external USB2 HDD that i like to store a good version of window in, clean, with just the software i needed.

In my main rig, i have a 60GB HDD for uses for window that i like to split into a 10GB and a 50GB.

My window messes up alot (i don't know why, it just does once every 3 months or so) and i like to be able to replace that 10GB partition window with the ones i have in the external drive, what's the quickest way to do this. I do not have a floppy drive, and i would like to be able to boot from my CD rom, do you guys have any ideas how to accoplished this?

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Oh yes you will need Norton Ghost 9, It will do all that even in Windows, you can clone the same hard drive whislt windows is up and running. You will need Win XP though, 2k might work, not sure
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Some disk cloning media comes on bootable CDs. I use an Apricorn application, that unfortunately is not sold without their hardware. You can also make a CDR using bootable floppy emulation, provided you have the source floppy. If more than one floppy is needed, you should be able to make several disks and have them read properly, but I've never treid this.
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Quick follow up question: would you be able to do this without ghost? I'm pretty cheap and broke, so I dont really want to go out and buy something unless I really need it. Thanks

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i use drive image 7... the only thing i need a floppy for is the SATA driver. it could probably be found cheap. googling drive image 7 came up with several options including the newer version (8) and ghost 9 for just over $30.00. this is an investment. trust me, you'll be grateful you bought good software. my rig also gets a new "install" pretty frequently and it only takes about 10 mins to do it. AND i don't have to activate windows every time!

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