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FSB vs HDDs? (with no PCI lock)

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Question FSB vs HDDs? (with no PCI lock)

Hi guys,

I'm wondering if any drives are known to be better than others for surviving out of spec PCI speeds without corruption.

I've got a AMD761 based board that I want to crank. Apparently they can hit 175FSB, but with only a 1/4 PCI divider, that means the poor ole PCI bus is gonna be near 44Mhz. I'm only really aiming for/expecting to get somewhere in the 166 range. I've got NICs etc that have proven reliable at 41.5Mhz PCI speeds in 83/2 systems.

I have 2 drives available
WD400BB Western Digital Caviar 40Gb 7200RPM 2Mb Cache
DiamondMax +8 Maxtor 40Gb 7200RPM 2Mb Cache

Fanboyism aside, which likes FSB better? (I already know which one is "best" )
Thanks for any insights

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Thats a hard call ...

Back in the old Intel PI , PII and PIII days I had very good luck with Maxtors and IBM's going over specs . Since then , I never had to give my WD drives the chance/reason to go over specs (with the newer mobos) so Iam not to sure how well they will do .

Looks like a trial and error situation to me (sorry I could not help ya more) .

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I'd try the DiamondMax. From my (very limited) experience, WD drives are lucky to hit 40MHz. I have no experience with Maxtor drives, and based on the luck setero555 seems to have had, they may be the ones to try.


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i allways had good luck with my maxtors and 45ish. It helps to disable hdd block mode if you have that ability. Saves from some hdd corruption at high fsb. Good luck!


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