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PAT Mod for the P4P800/P4P800-Dlx (and maybe other variants)

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PAT Mod for the P4P800/P4P800-Dlx (and maybe other variants)

First, a disclaimer:


Well, back on topic, I just performed this mod today, and its pretty sweet...


Two floppy disks
10-20 Minutes


Well, to start, get one floppy disk ready. Make it into a DOS Boot-Disk, and write-protect it. Put it aside.

Now, get the second floppy, and get AFUDOS 1.16 (comes on the ASUS P4P800 CD, it is also attached to this thread). Also, get a BIOS file for the P4P8X, and a BETA (important) BIOS file for the board you are using (in this case, a P4P800). Put all of the files on the floppy disk (AFUDOS, P4P8X BIOS, and the P4P800 BIOS)...

Reboot your machine, and go into your BIOS. Set it to defaults, and then set your overclocking settings to:

CPU Frequency [133Mhz]
DRAM Frequency [266Mhz]

And leave everything else default.

Now, boot off of your DOS Boot-Disk, and then switch to your second disk (BIOS files and AFUDOS).

Now, you have to flash your board to the P4P8X... In this case, the P4P8X BIOS will be named "p4p8x.AMI"... After you switch from the DOS Boot-Disk to the BIOS disk, type the following (change the filenames respectively):

afudos /iP4P8X.AMI /n /pbnc

Remember the '/i' before the BIOS filename, and let it flash...

Now, reboot your machine, and if all went well, you now have fooled your board into being a P4P8X...

After you are done, go back into the BIOS, and change your overclocking settings the way they were before you flashed BIOS (as follows):

CPU Frequency [133Mhz]
DRAM Frequency [266Mhz]

Now, reboot again, and boot off of the DOS Boot-Disk. Switch disks again, and then flash the BIOS file back to the P4P800 BIOS (in this case, 1020.002) with the following command line:

afudos /i1020.002 /n

Notice that the /pbnc is gone from the command line. This tells AFUDOS not to flash over the boot-strap of your BIOS.

Go back into the BIOS, and set things the way you like... Now check to see if PAT is enabled in Everest.

If all went well, you now have patched up your Springdale chipset (i865PE) into a Canterwood chipset (i875P) in effectiveness...

Final Notes:
Your board is now PAT enabled, and not only partially... It should perform a little better than before... Your overclock won't be as high as before, but thats a small sacrifice... Your memory bandwith will be higher than before... REMEMBER, if you flash with a release BIOS, then you will lose PAT capability... Also, using dividers different than 1:1 won't work as well/at all...

Have fun with this mod, all necassary files included in a zip file (attached to thread)... The files include:

AFUDOS 1.16 b2
P4P800 BIOS (Version 1020.002 BETA)

I used all of these files for my mod, and it worked perfectly...

Thanks to BigToe... Veryifying that new BIOSes work fine, as long as they are beta...

Attachments still arent working...

When I logon to Windows, I press Ctrl+Alt+ELITE
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Props for this Bios Modification should go to BigToe


So you want PAT with a P4P800 over 200fsb...Here's how.....



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i'll do this as soon as i get some new half-decent ram =)

sucks that the dividers don't work with this mod

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Excellent news i dont push my fsb very high over 200 so enabling PAT would be nice.
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Old 08-09-05, 05:00 PM   #5

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Just a note to add to the PAT hack is that you DO NOT need to use a beta bios. You can use any bios that you wish as long as you use the correct AFUDOS for bios cross-flashing and use the correct switches.


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well, what's the diff between the beta and the finals for these bioses anyways? i don't notice any

There are only 10 types of people in the world...those who understand binary and those who don't
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