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Who Makes The Best RAM?

View Poll Results: Who makes the best RAM?
Micron/Crucial 169 11.47%
OCZ 363 24.63%
Samsung 17 1.15%
Mushkin 137 9.29%
Corsair 384 26.05%
Nanya 4 0.27%
Geil 46 3.12%
Infineon 2 0.14%
Kingston 50 3.39%
GSkill 191 12.96%
Patriot 50 3.39%
Adata 4 0.27%
PQI 12 0.81%
Twinmos 3 0.20%
Wintec 3 0.20%
Other Stuff 39 2.65%
Voters: 1474. You may not vote on this poll

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Who Makes The Best RAM?

New thread to replace the poll here:

Vote, discuss, etc etc. Enjoy :-P

Note: Which manufacturer makes the best overall finished product is what is being asked. Not just who makes the actual chips on the PCB

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ocz cause its fast and looks good.

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I'm soooo gonna love Twinmos for their cheap BH5 (about to go buy it)

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OCZ owns like crazy

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Voodoo Rufus
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I'm partial to Mushkin. Bought my first stick 4 years ago, very happy with the speed and their customer support.

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I like mushkin also...I guess because it is my first my first RAM I ever bought

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i vote crucial, its a perfect medium between TCCD and UTT, it does around 260, witn 2.5-2-2-X, and with 2.8-3.0v's, which nearly every mobo can give.
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I voted OCZ, but i love G.Skill Samsung as well.

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I've always liked Corsair ram. Good quality stuff.
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Old 06-19-05, 11:48 AM   #12

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I'm going to be a spoil sport, and ask... how can you possibly anser this? There are SO many variables. There's motherboard compatibility, there's the question of how much power you can/will give it, and then there's the issue of not only which particular line of memory are you looking at, but what other lines does that company offer. For example: I just bought some memory for a new system I'm building with an Asus A8N+E MB. I don't believe it goes over 3v for the memory (without modding), so I decided to stick with TCCD/TCC5 memory. Other memory might have been a better choice if I had more power to give it. Then as far as WHICH TCCD/5 memory to get... I could have gotten some OCZ TCC* slightly cheaper than Patriot TCC*, but I got the Patriot instead. Reason being: OCZ offers some higher-end versions of TCC* than the base PC3200, while I don't believe Patriot does. Since OCZ is likely going to bin the better TCC* chips to the higher speed (PC4200, or whatever it is) line, I would think their PC3200 line, on average, wouldnl't fair as well as non-binned TCC* memory. So in this case, to me it seemed that Patriot would be better, because they don't have the high end line to get all the best chips. That doesn't make them a better company overall, but I would think that would make their PC3200 TCC* memory better than OCZ's PC3200 TCC* memory.
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Corsair for me
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OCZ, because I am such a nice guy!
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Old 06-20-05, 07:42 PM   #15

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I personaly love Geil because it performs great and looks amazing
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Old 06-21-05, 11:28 AM   #16

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I love GEIL look at my sig.Nice forum you've got here
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Originally Posted by SeanOMatic
OCZ, because I am such a nice guy!
LOL. I like OCZ, Mushkin, and Twinmos, but am giving the nod to Mushkin for their redlines.


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Quest For Speed

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OCZ, Mushkin, and Corsiar make great ram.

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Who makes the best finished product? I hate to be a spoil sport too, but that changes like the seasons, and depends on what the system specs are.

Right now (as of 6-26-2005) OCZ has a good line, and has good OC'ing RAM for just about everything, but in the world of supply and demand, and the changing of the die, that can change in an instant. We all mourn the loss of BH5! LOL
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Make mine Mushkin...gotta LOVE that stuff...

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