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Hard Drive temp.

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Old 08-27-05, 11:05 AM Thread Starter   #1

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Hard Drive temp.

I was just wondering...

What's a descent Hard Drive temperature..
And when is it 'too hot'?
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Old 08-28-05, 01:43 AM   #2

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A decent temp depends on the drive. For most consumer ATA/SATA units, look for normal operating temperatures to be perhaps 5-10C above ambient. Do not press past about 50-55C, as most units hit their specified max around 60C. SCSI units will typically tolerate higher temperatures, and older units will almost always run very hot. If you've got the first of a generation, say, the first 7200RPM SCSI unit of a given manufacturer, the thing will be hot to the touch but survive just fine. Same thing goes at 10K and 15K. Just keep some airspace around the drives and/or provide even minimal airflow and you'll be fine.
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Old 08-28-05, 02:32 AM   #3

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i have a lian li PC-70 case, and i have the HD's sitting up in the 5.25" bay areas, and they stay about 35C, they are rather cool to the touch, and i quite like them up there, cool, quiet and out of the way, leaves a direct path to my ultra from the intakes

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Old 08-28-05, 10:14 AM   #4

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HD temps shouldn't be over 50C

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None of my 3 drive are over 30C right now. When I do heavy transfers, or defrag, they go up to about 38C. I hate hot hard drives.
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My Seagate drives sit around 8C above ambient and my WD's at about 10C above ambient.
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