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The Ultra-D problem ?

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Question The Ultra-D problem ?


I'm thinking of buying a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D. But i have heard/read alot about it, and 1 thing makes me holding back. It seems that many ppl are having problems with the standard BIOS. Like it wont install windows because of a RAM error, or something like that. Is that true, or is it just a rumor. (No such word ?? )

And another thing, the Northbridge FAN. I have also read, that it isn't possible to change it, because of the position right behind the PCI-E slot, so the GFX will cover it by millimeters. Is that a problem, or is the FAN so good quality that it isn't necessary to change?

Regards Xavion
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Aftermarket Northbridge cooling solutions aren't usually nessecary on most motherboards, even on crappy solutions. They don't get hot enough to warrant it really, people either do it for bling or they don't know any better seeing as the gains are very minimal; you might gain 1-5 mhz more stability. The DFI Nforce 4 Lanparty's stock one is pretty sturdy considering what it is. I've never had the slightest desire to even bother considering changing it out.

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DFI boards are for mainly for OCing and "require"(not really but u get the picture.....) good components. you cant get away with using sh** ram thats when most pppl run into problems. I'm not sure about your ram but it looks liek you should be fine. check out those guys will be able to help you out alot.

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Quest For Speed

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DFi has been shipping the boards with older bios. Flashing to the newest bios is quick and easy. The board works with most ram but it is not just install and go. The memory timings need to be set manually in most cases. Memtest86 is included in the bios so testing the memory before installing windows is much easier.
The factory NB fan works fine but if you want to go to a better one I am using this one.

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I almost had a stroke when my dfi northbridge stopped spinning on startup and still seems a bit sluggish on startup.

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Correct memory slots for single and DDR is where ppl get hung up. Thus the manual.

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Not had any issues after building about 3weeks ago

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White Runner

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i built mine yesterday, all the information i needed was on this forum. noob proof.

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Originally Posted by Supershanks
Not had any issues after building about 3weeks ago
this motherboard is amazing.. you might have problems, but in the end its worth it (to me atleast, even though i had no problems)

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