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Which geforce to get

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Which geforce to get

right now i have a
Geforce 256 ddr @ little overclocked
GeForce2 MX400 64MB its only 64$ shipped

would even a Geforce2 MX200 32MB be better than my original, i really dont want to spend a lot of mone, just a minor upgrade till GeForce3 Ti 500 go down to like 150$

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Corsair 256 mb pc 3200 (2-2-2-5-T1)
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Ati Radeon 9200
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Cisco Kid
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The Geforce II MX400 will be about equal to what you have if you have the 32 DDR version of the 256 if not the MX400 will be faster.

Forget the MX 200 series they are all crap. Try the main page of overclockers, they have an article on modding a Asus V6800 32 Geforce DDR deluxe card with a better heatsink and fan.

You can squeeze more out of your card. I would hold off or I would consider a radeon 64 DDR vivo. I upgraded from an Asus Geforce 32 DDR deluxe card and I noticed a big improvement in performance. I overclocked my Geforce 256 DDR but never replaced the heatsink and fan or added ramsinks, this would have helped though for sure.

I have the Radeon now running at 222.75/222.75 ( which means mem clock is at 445 and I plan to add a blue orb and ram sinks and then should be able to go 250/250 (mem 500)which is plenty fast for the games today. You can find this card for $199.99 Canadian at = $130 US ( it supports DX8 and has a bunch of other features still not utilized plus the best 2 d video 3D clarity/quality and dvd playback)

But if you are hellbent on a G3 card hold onto what you have replace the fan/heatsink with a blue orb and overclock it some more but I would say do not waste your $$$ on a MX400 or 200 for what will equal performance of what you now have and maybe be behind with better cooling.

Cisco Kid
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