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Measured my PSU. Thoughts?

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Measured my PSU. Thoughts?

I just measured my Antec TruePower 550 with a DMM, so here are my measurements. I don't understand why my load 12+ would be higher than idle. 5v is pretty low too so I'm thinking of doing the mod listed here . What do you guys think about my numbers?

3.3 = 3.278 (-0.67%)
5 = 4.85 (-3%)
12 = 11.92 (-0.67%)

3.3 = 3.251 (-1.48%)
5 = 4.62 (-4.4%)
12 = 11.94 (-0.5%)


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That's kind of odd that the +5V is low like that. Otherwise, the 3.3V and 12V look fine, even if it is strange that the +12V raises a tiny bit under load.

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Antec seem to be on a new (well i've just noticed it ) trend of undervolting 5v
See Antec NEO HE 550 Review
We have one minor concern about the Neo HE though, during real world testing and as you can see in the testing charts, the 5v rail was quite low at all times

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