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Best gaming benchmarks

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Best gaming benchmarks

I have a new 2GB kit of OCZ ram arriving tomorrow. I am thinking about running it with tighter timings (2-2-2-6) at 200Mhz FSB, or going for the mhz by dropping my cpu multiplier (3-3-3-8, hopefully at 280Mhz or so). I would like to test the different options with the best benchmarks for gaming, so that I can find the sweet spot in terms of FPS and smoothness.

Which ones would you recommend? Any particular one that is more representative of overall system performance?

Thank you

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You could bench with FEAR for overall workload in a game. Its probably the hardest game to run. So, set your drivers to a certain quality setting and then set the game to a certain quality and then you can see the differences made by oc'ing. Half Life 2 is great too but quite a bit less strenuous.

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Lost Coast or HL2 with the bloom and hi res packs aren't bad for benching, neither is BF2 or Quake 4 (it may look rubbish but it's quite demanding).

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There are lots of published game benchmarks to compare against.
Far Cry, Doom3, HL2 come to mind.
Then there is the 3DMark benches from futuremark (03, 05, 06). You can set them to loop so you can stress test as well as get fps.
For a quicker test, I like to use Aquamark3.

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