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Safe GPU temp? A lot higher than safe CPU temps!

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Safe GPU temp? A lot higher than safe CPU temps!

I inquired at BFG about my 7900GT's stock temps which were 62/80 with the included drivers.

Luckily, with the latest drivers my temps are reading 51/70 when overclocked to 550/1600 so the drivers were at fault, but this was BFG's response anyway.

"The temperatures that your card is hitting are still within normal ranges for
the card and there is nothign to be concerned with. If the card surpasses
65-70 degrees celcius idling and above 95 degrees in 3d applications, then a
replacement will most likely be necessary. Also, our cards already come
overclocked and any modifications done will void the lifetime warranty of the

So for those of you fearful of temps in the 75+ range, I guess you're being overly cautious and are still well within spec. the 115C idle temp as set at stock in the nVidia driver should give us some clue as to what is safe.

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This is mostly common knowledge to most members...
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But to those that dont know, its useful ..anyway, Ive seen my mates winny run at 127C (and trust me, it was that hot. I put my finger on the HS and my skin was melted to it.. yes, melted to it.).. its "safe" temp is like what? 60C?.. remember its only a guideline.


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Just out of curiosity whats the range for a 6800? Same?

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