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D-Link support

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Thumbs up D-Link support

I just wanted to inform people about my dealings with D-Link Tech Support.

My trusty DI-624 router locked up yesterday afternoon after over 4 years of 24/7 use. It locked hard with all four of the "Local Network" , and WAN LED's lit. Couldn't get it to reset, I tried everything. So I went to CompUSA to pick up a new router. I wound up with the WBR-2310 because they were out of the 624. It must have been about 9:30pm when I got home and started setting it up. I can't say I like the manual-on-CD thing, I would just rather have a "Quick Install Guide" in my hands (I can never the network address to access the router settings). Anyway everything is set and I have no problem accessing the web. I disconnect the cable and try the wireless access. NOTHING! Hmm... it works fine with a cable, the laptop connected to the wireless network, but no web access. I tried to figure it out myself for about an hour and said to heck with it and called their support line. I was on hold for 12 minutes at 11:00pm. I finally talked to the guy and started to work through it. I told him everything I did, how it worked fine with the cable, blah blah blah. He had me step through a few things and it windows was displaying an "invalid ip address" warning for the wireless connection. Long story short, it was something I screwed up and was fixed in 10 minutes of talking to some one. After that was fixed, I asked if he could help me with the old 624. He said no problem, he gave me the number and closed out that ticket and opened another for the 624. We went through a few steps and he said it was definitely locked up. He asked how long ago I bought it because it has a three year warranty and was already issuing an RMA for cross shipping. Unfortunately I told him it was over 4 years, so I couldn't send it back.

THe moral of the story is, D-Link Tech support is top notch in my book. A little long on HOLD, but pretty knowledgable and very helpful. Don't hesitate to call them.

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This is the exact opposite level of support I've recently receive from Linksys. Took a week to get an RMA on 2 very obviously defective products. lol

I'm currently running a similar dlink wireless router as your old one. It's been flawless for probably 2 years now. Very robust feature set for entry level pricing too. Hopefully I never need their support but it's good to know there's a brain cell waiting for me on the other end of the call if I need it.
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I installed a new gigabit switch (D-Link), it stopped working a few days later.

Called D-link, they said take it back to the retailer for a new one.

I visited the retailer who was surprised because they rarely see returned defects from D-Link, but they promptly replaced my product. About that time the manager walked by and said that I was about the 20th replacement switch he had seen that day due to a power problem on the local grid.

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Vendor Discussion Likes and Gripes about Vendors. No Post Count.
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