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evga step up

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Old 04-07-07, 11:10 PM Thread Starter   #1

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evga step up

when you use the step up program, do you have to send it back to the place you bought the product from? or do you send it back to evga? if its evga, is there anyplace you can buy these re-certified cards? just wondering because I want to know if there is any site i can snag a 320 or 640mb 8800gts from someone who stepped up to a gtx.

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Read their policy, its a good one to know, esp if your considering buying a gfx card.

But to answer your question, you return to evga.
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Old 04-08-07, 12:11 AM   #3

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ive always wondered what they do with the returned stepup cards... and you send it back to EVGA btw.. thats what i did when i stepped up from my 7900gt KO 512mb to my 8800gts 640mb

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Old 04-08-07, 11:10 AM   #4

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probably recertify them and sell as reman

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Old 04-08-07, 05:07 PM   #5

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You can only "step up" within 90 days of the purchase of the card you want to replace? I'm this just to help you buy now and replace it as soon as something better comes around? I mean who upgrades their card that quickly?
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Old 04-08-07, 06:16 PM   #6

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Its made so if something better comes out in 90 days you'll be able to step up to a better card without shelling out the cash for it at full price. It's a good way of protecting yourself from wasting large amounts of money to constantly keep your pc top of the line.

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It's also useful if you have money for a midrange card now, need something to get by, and will have money for a higher end card in less than three months time.

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Old 04-08-07, 07:48 PM   #8

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IE. 8800GTX -> Watercooled or Ultra. if your already paying that much, you'll probably appreciate the step up.

Also its only offered for certain cards (high end).
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