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Old 12-26-07, 03:28 PM Thread Starter   #1

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Thumbs up EVGA

I received my 8800GTX last week that I bought from newegg that was supposed to come with a free copy of Quake Wars. I opened the box and all I had was the driver CD and nothing else. I called EVGA the next day and since I had already registered the card and everything they said that they would ship a copy of the game out to me, and I'd receive it within the next two weeks.

Well I got an e-mail the same day about an hour later telling me that the CD was shipped and that I would be receiving it on monday the 24th (was shipped on thurs the 20th). Great customer service on their part, great communication, fast service, and none of this "You should have gotten it in the package, sorry we can't do anything".

And to those of you bashing this game; I played Enemy Territory a lot back in the day and this game is basically just like it so I actually enjoy it. It was worth the extra "wait".

3 cheers for EVGA

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Old 12-26-07, 05:17 PM   #2

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Location: Hartford, CT

I'm gonna try to call and see if they'll swap my (unopened) copy of that game for Crysis.. I woulda bought that version to begin with, but it was outta stock :P

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Old 12-26-07, 05:46 PM   #3

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Has anyone ever bought an EVGA card and had it take longer than their warranty-registration cutoff to get to them? I would hope that in that situation they wouldn't force you out of the step-up and lifetime warranty...
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Old 12-26-07, 07:23 PM   #4

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Just went through an outstanding RMA experience with EVGA myself. Great company.

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Old 01-01-08, 12:40 AM   #5
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They are one of the few companies I've dealt with where I can never say a bad word about them, in all aspects.

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Vendor Discussion Likes and Gripes about Vendors. No Post Count.
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