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Question in reference to the sticky "windows tweaks"

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Question in reference to the sticky "windows tweaks"

In the sticky I read this (below)


Submitted by SpeedFreak:

Would you like to very easily improve your download speeds?
On my last job I did some installations for SpeedChoice (.com) and one of the very easy
registry entries that we used to do is:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\VxD\MSTCP]

By default the MSTCP Receive socket size is 4K up it to the max of 48K.
This means you'll receive 1/10th of the packets. Therefore more of the data contained in
the packets are usable and not filled with TCP header and footer information.


Ok, sounds great but my registry has no VxD folder. Anybody ran into this before?
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Thomasj did you see this right underneath the tweak:

"This is tested with Win95/98/Me if you have an NT Kernel I don't know where to enter this."

Use the link above: - TcpOptimizer - great tool

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In XP the DefaultRcvWindow DWORD isn't used, as it was replaced by GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize. The DWORD should be located under the following registry key...
If the DWORD isn't visible, then it would need to be added in order to modify the value (or like dudleycpa suggested, use TcpOptimizer to change it) ... as in this case XP would use the default value for WindowSize.

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