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Old 05-04-08, 02:04 PM Thread Starter   #1
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Who cares about numerology, we're talking numbers here -- major millionaire milestones!

>> Orion456 has reached the 6 X 1,000,000 points level

>> 7Horn has pulled up into the 4 X 1,000,000 points level.

>> P4EE has climbed up to 3 X 1,000,000 points level.

Please join me in applauding our newest millionaire milestone passers!

Well done, guys!

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nice going fellas///


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Old 05-04-08, 03:04 PM   #4

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Location: Folding in Maryland!!

Sweet, WTF you three!

.:Q6600 G0 3.0Ghz - Ultra 120 Extreme/Ultrakaze 120mm (130CFM!) - possibly dead?
.:Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
.:4GB (2x2) G.Skill DDR2-1000
.:Sapphire X1900XT
.:Sparkle FSP550PLG-SLI
.:160GB Hitachi Deathstar, 500GB Maxtor
.:Hyundai L90D+

Folding 24/7 for TEAM 32
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Congrats to all

Folding for Team 32 as ---------->
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Old 05-04-08, 03:11 PM   #6
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Nice work!

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Location: PA. N. of Splat W. of Torin

and P4ee

Congrats on power folding your way to these big numbers.

#1Win7Rosetta2600k@4.5GHZ(Hyper212+)Msi P67 G65 16GB RAM evga560Ti
#2UbuntuSMP BA 4P 6172's 48 cores on a SuperMicro
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Old 05-04-08, 04:25 PM   #8
William Hung

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Wooot! Congrats! Tons of pointage goin' on there!

Main Rig-QX9650 4.33 Ghz 24/7 at 1.375V on air :)
Zalman 9700LED
Gigabyte X38-DQ6
2x 1GB Micron Z9 DDR3-1600
nVidia 7950 GX2
2x 500Gb Western Digital 7200 RPM SATA 2
Folding for my Dad, diagnosed with Leukemia, 08-23-07
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Old 05-04-08, 04:44 PM   #9

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Location: New Hampshire

way to fold guys!!!


< Heatware

< EVGA X58, 920, TRUE, 12GB Corsair, 2 x EVGA GTX 285, Enermax Revolution, Velociraptor, 7 64-bit
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man thats a lot of zero's ! congrats all !!

Working on my I7 Asus P6T SE build
feel free to donate lol
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ALL you guys Rock !

To Honor Those who went before their time.
God Bless them all
Fight the Fight worth Fighting
FOLD for Team 32

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