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e8200 FSB wall at 1500mhz? wtf?

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e8200 FSB wall at 1500mhz? wtf?

Ive had this system since the 680i came out and been running a e6600 @ 3.5 stable. I Just got a new e8200 with hopes of hitting 4ghz but I cant get it to post past 3.0ghz. I just get "--" on the motherboard LCD. Even if i lower my multi to 7 i still cant even boot at 1501mhz. Ive spent 3 hours messing with voltage trying to get my system to boot at even 3.01ghz with no luck. Its like its got a hardwall at 1500 but thats so low.

What am I missing here?

Thank guys, this is driving me nuts!
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have you tryied running in unlinked mode ?
try rasing your north bridge voltage

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I don't think it's the CPU. What RAM are you using and what's the configuration you're trying to run? 8x400?
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could you list out all the hardware your using,model names on parts...


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