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8800gt bios voltage mod steps?

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8800gt bios voltage mod steps?

hey all,

thanks to henzo for some initial information about the effect of the mod...

i am getting ready to do the mod, and i have the utilities downloaded and ready to go. however, i am a bit fuzzy on the steps. i wanted to verify those i posted this thread...

1) i need a bootable usb key. i have an hp utility that will format a usb key to be bootable. i am pretty sure that i just run the file...maybe i should put it on the key and run it from there?

2) i need to read my base bios into a file, copy it to the key, and then read the modified bios with the increased 1.1V into a file and copy it to the key.

3) i need to copy the nvidia flash utility to the key

4) i need to boot to the key and enter the command "nvflash -4 -5 -6 filename.rom"

that is it right?


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yeah thats correct, however im not sure you need to include -4 -5 -6

I use gpu-z to save a version of the stock BIOS then use NiBiTor to edit the BIOS

im assuming you have a 8800gt....assuming that is....
here is what mine looked like

then save it and name it like volt.rom ....make sure its in rom format and not bin.

i used this to make my flash drive bootable

then copy all the files...nvflash, the modded bios and the stock bios to a usb flash drive.

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