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any new info on Danamics LM Cooler?

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any new info on Danamics LM Cooler?

anyone heard any new information about the danamics liquid metal cooler?

just curious...

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everything so far say's it only draws 1 watt

hope it's true it does work and thier are examples of the technology out thier


sapphire liquid metal cooling (2005)

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It has no moving parts, thats why it draws so little power. The power it does use it for magnets that push the liquid

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not murcury ..

The working fluid in the LM10 is described as "liquid metal," which is probably a Mimetic Polyalloy like Galinstan or its equivalent. Galinstan is a mixture in both name and composition of Gallium, Indium, and Tin. With a mixture ratio optimized for low melting point (referred to in Chemistry as a Eutectic mixture), it is liquid down to -19 degrees Celsius, preventing any problems with solid metal clogging the tubes. Its key advantage over water is a very high thermal conductivity: some thirty times that of water, high even for metals, and a thermal carrying capacity driven upward by its high density relative to water. Danamics refers to these advantages as "superior thermo physical properties," which probably has a much cooler ring in Danish or with a deep Austrian accent. Galinstan is much less toxic than mercury, and favored for this reason, but is known to cause embrittlement problems.

Using Galinstan allows Danamics to use a novel approach to pumping this fluid around. While traditional water and other liquid cooling systems for CPUs use mechanical pumps, which are loud, bulky, sometimes break down, and consume power, the use of a liquid coolant which is a good conductor, as Galinstan is, allows Danamics to employ a technology called electromagnetic pumping. A current is driven through the working fluid, creating a magnetic field which, acting on the fluid, pushes it through the cooling loops. This kind of pumping system is used for pumping the liquid Sodium used in cooling some nuclear reactors. It relies on the use of liquid metal's conductive properties and is thoroughly impossible with water. Danamics points out this new pumping technology "contains no moving parts, shafts, seals, etc., emits no noise or vibration, has unlimited MTBF... suffers no performance degrading over time," and if damaged can reassemble itself from its molten pieces and continue cooling. They also claim that proprietary advances in "multi-string" pumping technology mean their pump will consume only one watt of electrical power to pump the Galinstan through the coils of the LM-10. Mechanical pumps consume vastly more power; some PC liquid cooling kits are in the forty-watt range.

The electromagnetic pump moves the heat from the CPU into the fins of a metal heatsink, where it is carried away passively or by airflow from installable fans. Because the LM-10 is a circulation cooler, it can never cool a CPU below ambient temperatures, and thus will never be satisfactory to diehard enthusiasts, although it can form knives and stabbing weapons. However, if the technology lives up to its promise, it could make CPU cooling simple, reliable, quiet, and high-performing: the Holy Grail of cooling and HTPC enthusiasts. Danamics claims the technology is extensible to servers and laptops, and say they plan other products to follow the LM-10. Unless there's something rotten in Denmark, this cooler, and others like it, could change the face of CPU cooling for the better.

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