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At a loss... 260 core 215

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At a loss... 260 core 215

Experiencing the weirdest issue here.

If I try for a res change, e.g. 1920x1200 to 1600x900, screen goes black, machine hangs and I need to hard boot. Same if I do 1600x900 to even lower res or the other way.

Tried uninstall drivers
Flushing driver cache
Cleaning registry
Uninstalling any minor apps
Cleaning temp files n diddly stuff
Installing Intel INF utility again
Installing DirectxX again
Installing newest WHQ

All to no avail.

Running WinXPsp3. All pretty much clean apart from office 07.

Intel 6320, GF260 core 216, OCZ 750 watts, 2x160 mirrored.

Any bids before I opt for a total reinstall? Its really a pain. Any game, any app, anything changing ress from the one I run on the desktop or reinitialising the display, and freeze.

Cheers, Flix

Ethical ancient-folder for Team 32. I'm watching you!

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depression and anxiety group. Drop me a PM
if you're stuck in the rut and need a boot up.

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nVidia GPUs
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