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Guess the low memory prices are over on DDR2.

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Guess the low memory prices are over on DDR2.

Anyone noticed that DDR2 kits have shot up in the range of $30 per kit? I was going back to order another 4GB, and now looking at holding off. Guess they've kicked up DDR3 production for i5.

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I know there's no grand plan here. This is just the way it goes.

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I did the other day, was building a budget pc, and noticed the price was higher then i expected...

Looked back, the same on I had built maybe 6 months ago, the biggest difference was the ram, and I couldn't find anything cheaper.
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Prices have been creeping up and there have been a couple of threads recently on this topic. I've linked ezine articles discussing reasons in those threads, but it boils down to a decrease in manufacturing intended to better balance supply with demand. This has resulted in DRAM pricing rising and the forcast is for a continued increase. Whether those forcast hold, only time will tell.

For some of those links go here:

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not only are they creeping up but the uber high en mem is very hard to find,,,

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