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Is this normal?

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Is this normal?

After switching back and forth, I have settled on 2 x 275's BFG O/C. I'd prefer eVGA, but apparently they are out of the video card business because no one has any, including New Egg (no 275's or 285's).

One of the cards has a normal green PCB and one is blue. I have never had a blue PCB on any Nvidia cards that I remember of at least. It's the same identical card but the color. If I had an actual window in my case, it would probably bug me that they are different colors.

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Old 10-22-09, 12:24 PM   #2

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i think they are getting low on pieces because the gt300 will come out soon, and there is no competition vs ati atm

tbh ye, it's kinda strange they are different colors.

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Old 10-31-09, 10:37 PM   #3

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newegg has 4x GTX275's in stock now and 2x GTX285's now.

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Old 11-01-09, 02:03 AM   #4

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I have a blue 8800GT 0_o, it's reference design as far as I know.

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Get ready for Fermi
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