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What happened to the BTX form factor?

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What happened to the BTX form factor?

Awhile ago, there was alot of talk about the BTX case form factor. What happened to it?

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It fizzled out. It was something Intel wanted to push.

All I know is that most Dell models and some Gateways have this form factor in them, both AMD and Intel CPUs.
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It became inconveinent for the pc world, because it caused everything to need to be reversed. I think it fisseled out because other than dell and gateway using it, it had no place among the rest of the pc world.

I don't have any fact to back this up, but open up a dell case, like the E310 or E510 and see what I mean

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It went the way of the P4 PrescHOTT

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many dell's still use it.
Only thing i have ever seen BTX in.
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From what I read, it seemed promising in term of improved airflow and other features. It looked like a good idea back then. But today with components operating at even higher clock, BTX is actually a hindrance.

For example in BTX form factor it appeared to have RAM perpendicular to the backplates and offset from the CPU. With high frequency design, data from the further parts of the RAM would take just a little too long to reach the CPU and you'd end up with half a RAM data a clock later.

Faster speed pretty much made BTX obsolete before it had a chance.
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