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Win7 Backup/recovery tool okay with ICH10R or Marvell SATA3?

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Win7 Backup/recovery tool okay with ICH10R or Marvell SATA3?

Did a quick search in Storage (but maybe it's an O/S question)... anyways...

Looking at going from a single SSD to a pair in Raid0

Acronis True Image Home V11 doesn't officially support W7 anyway, let alone the fact that my Disk version doesn't see the single SSD drive when I boot from it, so I thought I'd have a look at using the inbuilt Backup/recovery tool from W7 aka Microsoft.

I haven't done it yet, but thought I would at least start by creating the backup image and then trying to restore it to the 2nd (empty/new) SSD and see how that went.

If that was a raging success... at least I know I can do a bare-metal recovery from my storage disk without a problem.

That done (assuming it all goes well), I would then attempt recovery to the Raid0 pair of SSD's on the ICH10R (or the SATA3 ports - just thought of that... may need to check and see whether W7 natively has drivers/support for them)

Anyone tried it yet?

Surely someone must have?

+++ edit...

okay... used the W7 backup tool to make a complete backup for bare-metal recovery, and then replaced the SSD with the new (empty) one... rebuilt it from the boot CD created in the process of creating the image, without a glitch... well almost... Norton360 had a hissyfit, but that's not uncommon for N360.

I have a mate who wants to try out the 2nd SSD, so have about a week or so before I will be able to commit to having a crack at doing a bare-metal restore to a Raid0 array from the image, so hopefully someone will have gone before me and be able to share their pearls of wisdom.

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