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Hitachi 2TB $129.99 Microcenter B&M

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Hitachi 2TB $129.99 Microcenter B&M

Very reliable drive compared to other drives this size. Personally I wouldn't use anything else for a large raid system.

However they are a bit loud and hot running compared to the usual 5400rpm drives in this size range.

local pickup only not available online

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hitachi ftw... their stuff is great. got a p7k500 500gb and a 1tb hitachi on for 24/7 for over a year straight. Zero relocated sectors on both and never had any problems. Heck even the 200gb pata hitachi i have from the deathstar era is still running strong with zero relocated sectors.

Hell hitachi is far above seagate on my list of reliable hds.

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;lfkjadslfkjads;flakdsjfa;sklfjds;fasfads;flkadsj; fldskj *Local Pickup only. and I'm in FL....


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killer deal! wish i could get more than one

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Overclockers Forums > Discussions > Cyber Deals
Cyber Deals NOT FOR SELLING OR TRADING!!! Hot Deals from vendors. No Post Count.
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