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Critique my build...

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Critique my build...

Well the time has come to build my 4th watercooled pc due to the fact that my current pc in my signature is obsolete.

Here is an old thread on my last watercooled pc:

Here are my current build specs:

Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
Processor: Intel Core i7-930
Memory: Corsair Dominator-GT 6GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Video Card: Undecided
Power Supply: Corsair HX Series 1000HX
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I will be using my current parts in new build with anticipation of replacing with my new build:

EVGA 7800GTX KO Edition
2 x 36.7GB WD Raptors(Raid 0)
Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA 7K250 Hard Drive
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Vantec 305 Nexus Fan Controller
LG 246WP

I will be reusing my current watercooling parts:

Alphacool Laing DDC Pump
Black Ice XtremeII
2 Sanyo Denki San Ace

Since I plan on overclocking the **** out of my i7-930 I plan on using a dual loop due to the thermal output. I plan on dedicating my one loop using the Black Ice XtremeII radiator dedicated to the processor. I plan on using the EK Supreme-HF waterblock on the cpu.

My second loop will be dedicated with the largest radiator to be used in dual sli overclocked video cards. I have not selected what cards I will be using due to the fact I need to research this area farther before selecting my cards. So I am open to suggestions. I am looking at Danger Den, Swiftech, or EK (in that order, based on pressure drop observations) for full-cover video card blocks.

With a dual loop configuration I am looking at a second pump, second radiator (largest one I can equip on top of the Corsair 800D) case, and a second T-line/reservoir.

I just purchased the Corsair 800D and although it is a great case it does have its shortfalls. I am well aware of having to swap out the rear fan and install it in the reverse configuration to suck in cold air into the case due to the negative air pressure with the stock configuration of exhausting hot air. This is attributed to the shortfall of the one fan on bottom of case not being able to pull in enough cold air to cool the components. My 3 fans on top of the radiator equipped on top of case will be able to exhaust the hot air. This will fall into place with the natural occurrence of heat rising to top of the case.

Thoughts and suggestions on my build are greatly appreciated.

New Corsair 800D Build

800D H20 System

Corsair 800D|Intel Core i7 930 D0 @ 4.125GHz |EVGA X58 Classified 760 w/ EK-FB|6GB Corsair Dominator-GT-2000|EVGA GeForce GTX 480 SC w/ EK Waterblock|Intel X25-V 40GB SSD| 2 x 36.7GB WD Raptors(Raid 0)|Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA 7K250 Hard Drive|SB Audigy 2 ZS|Corsair HX1000W|XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir w/ Dual Laing DDC Pumps |XSPC 360 Rad|XSPC 240 Rad|Bitspower Compression Fittings |2 X Scythe Fan Controllers|LG 246WP|Win7 x64 Ultimate
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yeah sounds good. definitely get 2 pumps and 2 rads for a dual loop which will be great. for cpu blocks, I have always found that danger den is the best but the EK u chose is pretty damn good too. for video card waterblock swiftech and ek are the best imo. For reservoir you definitely want swiftech. for video cards I would go with a 5970 or 2 480's if u want to go hardcore
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Old 05-23-10, 09:34 AM   #3

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Location: Canada

GTX 480 SLI:
Good: Fastest config on the planet, DX11 King, OC's easily
Bad: Power requirements, heat output, best under water

GTX 470 SLI:
Good: Performance is very close to GTX480 SLI, OC's easily
Bad: Same as 480, but less heat/power

5870 Xfire:
Good: Second fastest config on the planet, great DX11 performance, low power consumption/low heat, OC's easily
Bad: Much lower Tessellation (DX11) performance than GTX400 series


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Make sure to upgrade to an SSD, you can swing it!

For video cards, I'd recommend the 480's over the crossfire. The 5870's are good, but when I look at the reviews on multiple sites, the min frame rates for the 5870 can seem lower than the min frame rates on the 480. The averages are close, with the edge to the 480 usualy. I'd rather have 30fps consistant than 40fps average with dips into the 20's

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General Hardware Discuss your new build and gather upgrade suggestions. And if your question doesn't fit anywhere goes here.
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